Discover At-Home Sonograms and Mobile Ultrasound Scan Imaging Services

What is Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an extremely common radiation-free imaging modality used by physicians to get a detailed picture of the inside of a patient’s body, concentrating mainly on soft tissues and joint spaces. An Ultrasound can be done on any body part and is interpreted by a board certified radiologist. Ultrasounds have no risks as the technique utilizes sound waves to make images of organs and muscles inside the body. An ultrasound probe is placed over the desired body part needed for better delineation, and a gel is used for quality images. After the images are obtained, the gel is cleaned off. This gel is safe and is a slightly less viscous and colder than petroleum jelly. The gel used is safe and biologically inert.

Why is it used?

Ultrasounds can be used for various reasons, including but not limited to monitoring disease progression, look at skin and soft tissue swelling, detecting foreign bodies, pneumonias and other lung diseases, mainly utilized for gastro-intestinal and kidney pathology, gallbladder stones, liver, and intestinal diseases, kidney stones and blockages. Ultrasounds are one of the most utilized imaging techniques second to X-rays used for aiding suspected diagnoses. HCI uses the latest Digital Imaging Technology to provide Clinic-based and Mobile Radiology services in the Phoenix-Metro area, Arizona.

Why Portable Ultrasound?

Portable Ultrasound mean that a certified- ultra sonographer technician comes to your home to get images. HCI provides Mobile Radiology services in assisted living, nursing homes, group homes, home-health and hospice patients, and home-bound patients at home in the Phoenix, Arizona. These images are high quality and are then sent to board certified-radiologist who will interpret these images. Any significant findings are called in to the ordering physician’s office for further action. Mobile Radiology, Portable Ultrasounds can be done in the comfort of your home at the time you are available. Mobile Ultrasounds provide a hassle free and convenient way of getting top medical care.

Why HCI?

  • HCI sonographers are ARDMS-Certified
  • Sonographers are highly-experienced and have the ability to provide report at time of the exam
  • Reports and Images can be shared as necessary for Continuity of Care
  • HCI can perform Ultrasounds at Patient-home, Clinic setting, and/or Long-Term Communities in Arizona
  • 4-Hours STAT results

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