About Us

Details about HealthCare imaging

HealthCare imaging is a full service of Mobile radiology organization providing Digital X-Ray , Diagnostic Ultrasound and EKG/ABI service since 1998. As HCI continues to innovate, we utilize state-of-the-art Digital Imaging Technology with an Advanced PACS Radiology System Our platforms are highly secure, real-time and wireless Our client response team and field techs are equipped with Mobile PCs and Handheld Devices using Advanced Field Communication Applications. HCI employs Board Certified Radiologists, Certified ARRT Radiology Technologists and ARDMS Certified Sonographers.

Our fleet of vehicles go out into the community and the technologists take x-ray equipment or ultrasound equipment right to the patient. This is all driven by our state of the art Logistical center that ultimately speeds up time to patient, efficiency in exams, and continuity in the needs of the patients’ medical care. Using the digital methods of practice, HCI has a platform technology that makes remote –wireless transmission convenient for the Radiologist who reads the report and ultimately delivers the conclusions to the ordering physician or provider. The report ordered by the Provider can be viewed anywhere or anytime by having access to the internet and or the Portal set up by HCI.

HCI has set a new benchmark in Mobile X-Rays, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, and EKG/ABI reporting. We “will provide” cutting edge technology and unmatched attention to detail delivering trusted results for better outcomes to all those that we serve in our role in continuity of care for the home bound patient.


To provide outstanding clinical care through expertise in medical imaging and interpretation, through cutting-edge innovation and advances in technology, to the elderly and disabled of our communities


To be the leaders in diagnostic imaging services in providing timely, cost-efficient, and high quality medical imaging and interpretation services

HealthCare Imaging offers a comprehensive Mobile Imaging services in the State of Arizona (Phoenix, Phoenix-Metro Area, Tucson, Tucson-Green Valley area) and the State of Texas (Austin, Austin-Round Rock metro-area, Dallas, Fort-Worth, and the greater Dallas-Forth Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area). If you are spending valuable resources in Managing and diagnosing Radiology exams rather than providing care to the patient, then perhaps it’s time to look at our cutting-edge Information technology, Digital Imaging technology solutions.